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Splunk for Security Operations

Why Splunk for Security Operations?

A centralized log management tool or SIEM is a cornerstone for any Security Operations team or detection capability. However, log management tools and SIEMs are not fire-and-forget tools that can be unboxed, turned on, and “just work”. Splunk is no exception to this. It must be cared for and developed continuously to get the most value. For example, correlation searches must be fine-tuned constantly to match the current threat landscape and should use all the nooks and crannies of the search language.

Consider how you would correlate endpoint logs with firewall logs to determine which endpoints visited a malicious URL during a 30-day time period. Done? Now account for endpoints changing IP addresses during those 30 days.

Just as important is the alignment of use cases with log sources to ensure no visibility gaps exist. It is not enough to “just collect Windows logs.” If the correct events are not logged, no SIEM can fix that. Field discoveries must be verified, and fields must be validated, data outages and drops detected, and overall coverage must be monitored.

At NIL815, we have years of experience working with Splunk and Splunk Enterprise Security for detection and security analytics. We want to bring this expertise to your Splunk implementation and make it shine. For example, get our help implementing use cases, creating, and verifying correlation searches, or an overall implementation health check.

Splunk for Security Operations
Splunk for Security Operations

What is Splunk Enterprise Security?

If you are unfamiliar with Splunk Enterprise Security (ES), here is a short explanation. Splunk ES is a security information and event management (SIEM) solution that helps organizations identify and respond to security threats. It provides a centralized platform for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing security data across an organization’s network and infrastructure.

Splunk ES can use a variety of data sources, including logs, network traffic, and endpoint data, to generate alerts and reports on potential security incidents. It also includes a range of built-in security analytics capabilities, such as threat intelligence, user behavior analytics, and anomaly detection, to help identify and prioritize potential threats.

One of the key features of Splunk ES is its ability to automate the incident response process. It provides various tools for automating the detection, investigation, and remediation of security incidents, including customizable workflows, automated response actions, and integrations with third-party security tools.

Splunk ES also includes a range of visualization and reporting tools, enabling security analysts to identify and respond to potential threats quickly. In addition, it provides customizable dashboards and reports, as well as real-time alerts and notifications, to ensure that security teams can respond promptly and effectively to security incidents.

Overall, Splunk ES is designed to provide a comprehensive security solution for organizations of all sizes, helping them to proactively detect and respond to potential security threats and ensure the security and integrity of their networks and data.

Our Service

Leverage our extensive knowledge and get help in any of the following areas in optimizing value return for a Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) implementation:

  • Visibility: Determine visibility gaps. Field discoveries must be verified and validated, data outages and drops must be detected, and the overall coverage must be monitored continuously. We can help ensure Splunk Common Information Model (CIM) compliance on ingested sources. We can also help ensure data quality by implementing a Collection Management Framework and process.
  • Use case creation and alignment: Creation and alignment of use cases for detections and response, investigations, and threat discovery with available log sources and collected telemetry.
  • Detection & Correlation Searches: Optimizing and fine-tuning detection and alerting with Correlation Searches against the available telemetry. We can help you to determine potential gaps in detection coverage across threats and your environment and recommend improvements. Also, we can help you ensure that Correlation Searches are kept up to date with changes in log sources and telemetry and match emerging threats.
  • Risk Base Alerting (RBA): Implementation of RBA to reduce your alert volume and improve detections. Create high-value detections from traditionally noisy data sources, aligned with popular frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK, minimizing SOC operational costs.
  • Adaptive Response Actions: Set up practical adaptive response actions that you can run on a notable event that can provide additional context and support your incident response process.
  • Threat Intelligence: Ensure that your feeds are correctly set up and running and matched against the right telemetry and that only relevant threat data is matched. We can also help assess if you have the right Threat Intelligence for your organization.
  • Investigations: Streamline and accelerate incident response with Investigation Workbench. For example, enable artifact extraction from notable events to kick-start your investigation. In addition, we can help customize the workbench to support your analyst’s needs.
  • Dashboards: Set up and implement meaningful dashboards that support your business process and help contextualize the security state of your environment.

NIL815’s expert consulting on Splunk Enterprise Security can provide you with several benefits:

  • Increased efficiency: Our experts can help you optimize your use of the tool and streamline your security operations, allowing you to get more done in less time.
  • Enhanced security posture: By leveraging our expertise with Splunk Enterprise Security, you can identify and address security gaps that may have gone unnoticed otherwise.
  • Better data management: Splunk Enterprise Security is a powerful tool for analyzing large volumes of data, but it can be difficult to manage without the right expertise. With our help you organize your data, configure your system for optimal performance, and troubleshoot any issues that arise.
  • Improved threat detection: With the help of our expertise, you can fine-tune your security alerts and improve your ability to detect and respond to threats.
  • Cost savings: By working with us, you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment in Splunk Enterprise Security. We can help you avoid costly mistakes and maximize the ROI of your security tools.

Overall, our expert consulting on Splunk Enterprise Security can help you improve your security posture, optimize your use of the tool, and save time and money in the long run.

We’re happy to give you a free consultation if you want to hear how we specifically can help you.

Please download our service description or feel free to drop us a line at contact@nil815.com for more questions.

Splunk for Security Operations

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