Hands On Cyber Defence Consulting

Rather than being "a mile wide and an inch deep", NIL815 aspires to deliver valuable services based on a deep well of knowledge and experience. We take pride in keeping things simple, workable, and straightforward.


NIL815 has delivered hands-on cyber defence consultancy focusing on Incident Response and Security Analytics and Engineering since it was established in 2016. In 2021 NIL815 added Security Architecture to the portfolio, and in 2022 further strengthened the areas of Threat Intelligence and related practices. NIL815 assists clients with the full range of competencies required to engineer and operate a Security Operations Center (SOC) or enable the client to operate its SOC and be supported by NIL815 for select services if needed.

The three partners in NIL815 are:

  • Marc Andersen is the Managing Director and responsible for Managed Services.
  • Magnus Lund Jacobsen is responsible for Threat Intelligence and Training.
  • Klaus Matzen is responsible for Security Architecture.

We take pride in keeping things simple, workable, and straightforward while following established security practices. We call it Applied Cyber Defence.