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Official MISP project site: https://www.misp-project.org/


Sharing is caring. Imagine being in the middle of on incident and wanting to share information to peers or other parts of the organisation with actionable intelligence to be used for collaboration, detection, response, and automation. How would you go about doing this without resorting to spreadsheets, insecure emails, or pdf’s that are notoriously hard to use for automation in any form?

MISP is a solution to this. MISP instances exchange actionable intelligence in a structured and secure manner between each other and allow for automatic ingestion of relevant data into security controls. The open source exchange platform is used by national agencies, CERTs, and security teams in organisations all over the world. MISP can also be used solely as an in house repository of information to facilitate security control automation and to retain and correlate with historic and open source data.

NIL815 offers hosting, running, and supporting MISP in a cloud infrastructure either as a stand alone solution for your organisation or a multitenant hub for your sector. Don’t hesitate to contact out to hear more about the possibilities.