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Cyber Security Knowledge Assessments

Cyber Security Knowledge Assessments


Why Cyber Security Knowledge Assessments? Would you like to evaluate the effectiveness of your security documentation and internal training of employees? Do you have formal regulatory or customer requirements for updating employee training records? Or would you like to provide employees with a certificate for passing the training? We can help you. We provide a… Continue reading Cyber Security Knowledge Assessments

Managed Detection and Response

managed cyber defence

Why Managed Detection and Response? Cyber threats are becoming increasingly severe, affecting organizations of all sizes and potentially disrupting their operations. The threat landscape is continuously evolving, and to combat these threats, it is important to go beyond traditional security solutions and adopt reliable detection and response capabilities. This includes having skilled analysts who can… Continue reading Managed Detection and Response

Splunk for Security Operations

Why Splunk for Security Operations? A centralized log management tool or SIEM is a cornerstone for any Security Operations team or detection capability. However, log management tools and SIEMs are not fire-and-forget tools that can be unboxed, turned on, and “just work”. Splunk is no exception to this. It must be cared for and developed… Continue reading Splunk for Security Operations


Why MISP-as-a-service? Sharing information provides a better defense for all. Imagine being in the middle of an incident and wanting to share information with peers or other parts of the organization with actionable intelligence for collaboration, detection, response, and automation. How would you do this without resorting to spreadsheets, insecure emails, or PDFs that are… Continue reading MISP-as-a-service